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information about job position

Job description, competences and responsibilities.

Become part of a dynamic, fast-growing law firm focused on providing legal assistance with a global reach. As a legal assistant, you will have the opportunity to engage in developing the company and its values through weekly activities:

  • Vypracovávanie právnych podaní, analýz a stanovísk
  • Preparation and revision of contracts
  • Providing legal services connected with company law
  • Assistance in the field of mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal due diligence
  • Advice on personal data protection
  • Other forms of legal advice in labour law, commercial law, civil law, tax law, intellectual property law and others.
  • Cooperating in providing legal services to our clients


Employee benefits

In our office we offer our employees:

  • Travel allowance
  • Personal and professional development
  • Travel allowance
  • Business trips

Working framework

Place of work: Place of work: Bratislava, Slovakia (Work requires occasional travel - business trips, conferences, etc.)

Working hours: Full-time job

The beginning of the position: The expected end of the selection process is 1.3.2021

Candidate requirements

Education and Language skills

English language - Intermediate / Advanced (B2). English is frequently used in our company, especially in oral communication with foreign clients or in the preparation of legal documents. Our company offers the possibility of language courses that will help you improve your English language.

Požadované je vysokoškolské vzdelanie II. stupňa v odbore Právo.

Personal prerequisites and skills

Every single member of our team aspires to improve and complete started tasks in a reasonable time. We have the same expectation from our legal assistants. The assistant will have space for his/her self-realization but must set priorities for handling the correct order. We do not handle things mechanically, but quite the opposite. It is essential to contemplate and decide, as our recommendations and proposed solutions have an impact and consequences for our successful clients and their lives. Our team members are ethical, fair, competent, and are very proud of each other.

  • Microsoft Excel - advanced
  • Microsoft Word - advanced
  • Microsoft Outlook - advanced
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - advanced


Graduated and acquired a university degree in the field of law

Driving licence

Active driver with type B driver's license

Selection process

For job applications, please contact us by e-mail: and feel free to ask any other general questions and additional information regarding this or different positions. We are more than happy to answer your questions via the contact form.

Content of the job application

  • Email subject: Job application: Title of the position, Full name
  • Accompanying letter
  • Name and surname
  • Email and phone number
  • Email attachment: Curriculum vitae and cover letter

Our HR team will contact potential candidates within two weeks regarding the next steps in the selection process.
Due to the large number of applications and candidates, we reserve the right to contact only those candidates whose profile meets the position's professional and personal requirements.

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Represents the phrase meaning "before the event" in the commercial segment, also indicating preliminary demand. When providing legal services, our client demands to achieve a result that corresponds with his ideas.


Means law, statute and legal. Therefore, it defines the boundaries of our activity and the means that are applied to it.

LEXANTE Means a precise analysis of your request, assessing its crucial aspects and our common direction towards your desired outcome. LEXANTE s.r.o. is us, your partner on the way to achieving your goal