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Týždenník slovenka

JUDr. R. Mičieta: If a dog has bitten a person, it is dangerous


The parents of the girl who was bitten on the head by a dog in the village of Krajné do not want to resolve the incident legally.

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PRÁVNE noviny

Bončová, the LEXANTE's attorney on the death of a party to the contract, on the transfer of ownership and its effect on the authorization of the deposit of ownership rights


A certain amount of time will elapse between the conclusion of the contract on the transfer of ownership and the cadastre's decision to allow the deposit...

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Právne noviny

Baňáková the LEXANTE's attorney on the authorization of contracts on the transfer of real estate by a lawyer and his responsibility


The National Council of the Slovak Republic approved the proposal of a group of deputies to amend Act No. 595/2003 Coll. on income tax...

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Hospodárske noviny

Quo vadis Slovakia?


The current situation can be summed up relatively well in one word - uncertainty. The phenomenon of uncertainty is not a new phenomenon in itself.

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